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2017 Submissions

Majestic Dance Song
The Abyss Dance Song
Thicc Chords Dance Song
Catchy But Only Because It's Repetitive Dance Song
MajorMinor Dance Loop
Arpeggios are Fun Dance Song
Funtime Solo Instrument Song
NewPreview Dance Loop
Undertale - Amalgam (Smash Remix) Dance Song
Undertale - CORE (Smash Remix) Dance Loop
[SpaceScale OST] - Not Perfect Video Game Song
[SpaceScale OST] - Uwa! So Menu! Drum N Bass Loop
[SpaceScale OST] - Seashore Shuffle Dance Loop
[SpaceScale OST] - Elegant Encounter Dance Loop
Green Hill Zone MSHD Video Game Song
Screaming Your Name House Song
Marble City Video Game Loop
Varietist (NGAUC16 Knockout Round) House Song
Undertale - Spider Dance (Smash Remix) Drum N Bass Song
Acceleration (ROBOT DAY 2016) House Song
Undertale - Hopes and Dreams (Smash Remix) (Remaster) House Song
Undertale - Chill (Smash Remix) House Song
Undertale - Death By Glamour (Smash Remix) House Song
Undertale - Undertale (Smash Remix) House Song
Corn Ghost New Wave Song
Vortex House Song
Thumb Sucker (LOVE Version) Dubstep Song
Dreamer of Stars (LOVE Version) Dance Song
Leaders of The Past Experimental Song
AIM - Thumb Sucker Dance Song
Movement New Wave Song
Emotions Dubstep Song
DreamVille New Wave Song
Color Trance Song
Phases Dubstep Song
Six To Five Productions - Nightmare (Smash Remix PREVIEW) Dubstep Song
Larry Daehm - With Quiet Courage (Smash Remix) Drum N Bass Song
ExtraTerresrtial Encounter Video Game Loop
TryHardNinja - Judgement (Sans Song) (Smash Remix) Dance Song
Dreamer of Stars (2016 Remake) House Song
TOP (|-/) - Anathema (Instrumental Smash Remix) Dance Song
Super Mario 3D World - Getting Ready! (Smash Remix) Dance Song
Falling New Wave Song
NEdanS Dance Song
Creation House Song
SMASH16BIT Video Game Song
Toby Fox - MegaLovania (Famicom Arrangement) Chipstep Loop
Not My Valentine's Day Dubstep Song
Negative Space Drum N Bass Song
Trapped in your Love Dance Song
SuperSquare House Song
Culmination Dance Song
Undertale - Bergentruckung/ASGORE (SMASH REMIX) House Song
Badass Dance Song
Bits and Pieces (Pixel Day 2016) Chipstep Song
Butts in Jeans (SMASH REMIX) Dance Song
Never Gonna Give You Up (SMASH REMIX) House Song
Snowfall House Song
The Bane of Existence (Remaster) Techno Song
Lullaby Cinematic Song
Slave to the Rhythm House Song
Mysteries Dubstep Song
Dr0id (Vocal Mix) Dance Song
Fuck You Dubstep Song
Bits and Pieces (Pixel Day 2016 PREVIEW) Chipstep Song
How To Play (SSB64 REMIX) House Song
Galaxies Vocal Track (Ft. Daisy) A Capella Voice
Galaxies (Vocal Mix Ft. Daisy) House Song
Abandoned Paradise Vocal Track (Ft. Daisy) A Capella Voice
Abandoned Paradise (Vocal Mix Ft. Daisy) Dance Song
Futuristic Worlds Dance Song
Cretaceous Dubstep Song
Jurassic Dance Song
Triassic Dance Song
Space Nuke Industrial Song
Dance To Death House Song
Constellations Ambient Song
Energize Dance Song
Countdown Drum N Bass Song
Abandoned Paradise Dance Song
Above The Stars (SMASH REMIX) Dance Song
Sad Machine (SMASH REMIX) Dubstep Song
xPlosion House Song
ShapeShifter Remaster Dance Song - Biggest Cell Ever (SMASH REMIX) Dance Song
ColonDashParenthesees [ :-) ] House Song
Wizard House Song
Joyful Drum N Bass Song
Never Be Alone (SMASH REMIX) Dance Song
Homocide Techno Song
Asteroid Dubstep Song
Rudolph Trap Machine Hip Hop - Modern Song
Star Wars Remix Loop Dance Loop
Monody (SMASH REMIX) Dance Song
Jingle Bell Machine Techno Song
Galaxies House Song
Dancing Naked (SMASH REMIX) Dance Song
DanceTronica Remaster Dance Song
Melodic Madness House Song
Full Throttle Dance Loop
Turkey Gobble Dubstep Song
November Dance Song
Funky Dancers House Song
Life Force Dance Song
Tetrahaedron Dance Song
Red Flames Dubstep Song
Antidote Trance Song
Upbeat Lights Trance Song
Reason Drum N Bass Song
Random Trap Song Hip Hop - Modern Song
DeckFro X MrSmash64 - Tropical Haze House Song
5-Hour Energy Dance Song
Stranded in Madness Dubstep Song
Undiscovered Planet Prev. (WANNA COLLAB) Techno Loop
Our Forever (Remaster) Dance Song
DayDream Dance Song
Adventure Love House Song
Mr.GroovyDJ Dance Song
VERSUS Drum N Bass Song
Blood Machine Drum N Bass Song
Look to the Sky Remix (Stepmania Edition) Trance Song
Look to the Sky (303 Instrumental Edit) Trance Song
End of the Universe House Song
HorseBack House Song
BearTrap Dance Song
Goddess House Song
Losing You (BETA VERSION - NOT FINAL) Dance Song
Sweet Nothing (Breakup Mix) House Song
Spectrum (Scary Melodic Mix) Dubstep Song
One Smile (Smash Remix) House Song
Sinking Trance Loop
RainDrops Trance Song
EarthQuake Dubstep Song
At Last Video Game Loop
What Do You Think You're Hearing Dubstep Song
Today We Rise House Song
Death Road Dubstep Song
Dreamer of Stars House Song
FilthyMouth Dubstep Song
The Puppet Song Remix Dance Song
Dash Away Dance Song
DanceTronica Dance Song
The Bane of Existence Techno Song
Apocalypse Industrial Song
Mr.Smash64 Vs. Drum and Bass (New Version) Drum N Bass Loop
Mr.Smash64 Vs. Drum and Bass Drum N Bass Loop
Broken City(Newgrounds Contest - Level) Video Game Loop
Collect the Coins (Newgrounds Contest - Bonus) Video Game Loop
Megaman Remix Trance Loop
Follow Me Purple Remix House Song
Find The Pieces Smash Remix House Song
Comeback Drum N Bass Song
Blue Medal House Song
The Song of Justice Trance Song
ShapeShifter House Song