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2016-07-06 10:15:51 by MrSmash64

my new experimental album, LOVE, is on bandcamp!!

it's only two dollars, so buy it now!!!

Just Remeber

2016-06-22 18:25:13 by MrSmash64

Remember to sub to my youtube and to follow my sc if you wan't to see more of my stuff

8-Bit Album!

2016-04-26 18:29:35 by MrSmash64

I just finished an 8-bit album and I liked how it turned out! You can check it out on Bandcamp, as i haven't posted any of the songs here yet.

BTW - It's FREE!



New Profile Pic!

2016-01-03 02:09:54 by MrSmash64

I was watching a random twitch stream when some random guy checked out my music on soundcloud (it was a music stream) and then did my profile art during the livestram. I owe him thanks so here is a link to his Soundcloud (Not Sure if he has NG)

I made a newgrounds themed pack for stepmania, a nice rhythm game I play. You can download the game here

my pack here -

youtube channel with video showcases here -


here is the system for my pack -

every update has 5 songs. these songs will all be under creative commons and on NG

song 1 - something i made

song 2 - popular ng song

song 3 - popular ng song

song 4 - song by small(er) ng artist (still has to be a good song though)

song 5 - remix, remake song (will only have challenge mode)


2016-01-01 00:10:28 by MrSmash64

It's A New Year (Which means a new song)------------

Spinnin' Talent Pool

2015-12-30 00:02:08 by MrSmash64

This is my first time entering the 'Spinnin' talent pool'!

Please vote for 'Abandoned Paradise Here' -